Types of CCTVs and their Applications

Types of CCTVs and their Applications
Types of CCTVs

Security systems are essential for securing your business or residential property. As a property owner or manager, we are faced with threats such as unauthorised access, break-ins, theft, damage vandalism and the list go on… Therefore, it is of upmost importance that we can constantly monitor vital access points and perimeter of our property. To ensure round the clock security monitoring, CCTVs play an important role.

How to Choose a CCTV

CCTVs are everywhere and when it comes to securing your premises, there are many several types of CCTVs to choose from. And different CCTV cameras cater to different situations, type of the facility and area of coverage.

This article aims to help you in choosing the right CCTV for your facility or business.

Dome Cameras

As you may have guessed, a Dome Camera is a CCTV camera in a circular, dome encasing. Usually small and discrete in size, these cameras are perfect for deterring undesirable and criminal activity. Because the shape of a Dome camera makes it difficult for anyone to see where the camera is pointing.

Dome cameras are economical and versatile as these can be installed in both indoor and outdoor settings. Cameras may come with vandal proof encasing and Infra-Red (IR) Night vision capabilities. Making these the ideal CCTV camera for a wide range of uses.

Dome cameras are designed for a wide field of vision rather than range. Therefore, making it extremely suitable to secure entry points and indoor settings like the interior of a shop space or offices. The sleek design is also desirable as it is aesthetically pleasing.

Box Cameras

When it comes to durability, you’ll won’t go wrong with a Box CCTV Camera. Box cameras professional quality CCTV security cameras that are flexible and serviceable. For example, you could upgrade or replace the lens to change the field of vision.

Due to their modular nature, these cameras are the choice cameras for Audio Visual Installers. As this ensures better and customisable optical performance and longer service life.

These cameras are usually the choice cameras for securing restricted areas. Partly due to its imposing design is an obvious visual deterrent for criminal activity.

Bullet Cameras

Bullet Cameras are like Box cameras in terms of design and uses. They are both cylindrical in shape and can monitor long distances. The primary difference between Bullet and Box cameras is that Bullet Cameras comes with its own encasing. This feature does not allow for the flexibility to change and replace parts. Like the Dome camera, if it is broken, the entire device will have to be replaced.

However, because of its encasing, Bullet Cameras are water resistant and resistant to dust and dirt. This makes the Bullet camera perfect for outdoor installations. Especially in environments where harsh conditions are expected.

C-mount camera

A C-Mount Camera looks like a Bullet camera but with a lens mount. The C-Mount allows the use of detachable lenses which can increase the focal length of the Camera. For example, with a varifocal lens attached, the camera would be able to zoom in and out without ever losing focus and video quality.

As with the Bullet camera, these cameras are made to deter. And is ideal for observing approaching vehicles to your premises.

Day/Night CCTV Camera

Day/Night Cameras are designed to operate effectively in varying light conditions. It can produce clear imaging regardless of the lighting conditions in the field of vision. This is achievable because of an in-built ultra-sensitive imaging chip.

This feature enables the camera to operate 24/7 surveillance without additional lighting support. Day/Night cameras are suitable for monitoring a perimeter of a facility where additional lighting installations are not possible.

Infrared/Night Vision CCTV Camera

In conditions where there is an absence of light, the Infra-Red camera would be the perfect choice. These cameras can function in pitch black conditions. And where there is lighting, the infrared filter will be disabled. While there may be limited use cases for an infrared Night vision camera. It can be particularly useful in places where there is little or no human activity expected. For example, an untenanted residential unit, inside of a bank vault etc.

Network/IP CCTV Cameras

These cameras can share footages on the internet where property owners can view CCTV footages online on the internet. Of course, an active connection to the network is required for the camera to work. However, a highly secured facility must not allow its CCTV footages to be transmitted via the internet. Specialized software and storage on a secured local network should be used instead.

Wireless cameras

Wireless cameras are like Network/IP CCTV Cameras. With the exception that it uses wireless technology. Although it may or may not be IP based.

CCTV Singapore

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