PA System

PA System

Public Address (PA) System Installation Singapore

Looking to install a PA system for your building or premises? We have over 10 years of experience in delivering successful PA system installation projects in Singapore. Our clients include private companies, educational institutions, houses of worship and public institutions.

TOA Speakers Reseller

OPTVIO is TOA PA system reseller in Singapore. Depending on the location, we recommend different PA system configuration and equipment. We specialise in both outdoor and indoor PA system. TOA speakers are known for their sturdy hardware and superior sound projection and quality. Whether your project involves indoor or outdoor PA system integration, we have a solution for you! Find out more on TOA here.

What is a PA System

An electronic sound amplification and distribution system used in buildings for the purpose of announcement as well as fire evacuation broadcasting. PA systems utilises microphones as audio input devices. While amplifers and loudspeakers are carry the audio signals and allow a person to convey message to a large public area.

Uses of PA System

PA Systems with many speakers are used to make announcements in public, institutional and commercial builidngs and locations. Pre-recorded audio or live announcements can run in the PA System.

PA System Equipment

To install a PA system, we use several different setups. We use different equipment for different project requirements For example, hers is an IP based PA system installation diagram.

Here are a list of Equipment that we use for our PA system installation projects.  You can also find more information on the Equipment we use using our Audio Visual Checklist.


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