Closed-Circuit Television System (CCTV)

A Closed-Circuit Television or CCTV is a private surveillance & Security system using cameras and displays. The key purposes are for monitoring activities around and within a private compound or store.

Installation and Equipment Supply

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Types of CCTV Systems

CCTV has many different applications and applies on different locations to monitor people, vehicles. Basically anything that can compromise security. There are may types of CCTV systems. And different setup and equipment combinations are used based on factors such as indoor / outdoor, lighting and environment factors.

CCTV Systems are based on either Analog or Digital Signals. Typically, a CCTV System comprises of CCTV Cameras (that captures video images) and Video Recorders that stores footage. You can connect to Monitors to view live footage Video Walls in a command and control centre or recordings (tape or digital storage).

Uses of CCTV Systems

CCTVs are everywhere!  From banks to ports to public streets CCTV Systems are present to increase security with surveillance and monitoring. It helps on crime prevention, traffic and accident control and public areas like airports, hospitals and bus stations have CCTV systems. Since the outbreak of Covid-19, CCTVs are even used for contact tracing and crowd monitoring!

Let us know your use case and requirements in video surveillance security system and we will recommend the best CCTV system for you!

CCTV Equipment

Here are a list of Equipment necessary for the deployment of CCTV system integration projects. For More information check out our Audio Visual Checklist.

CCTV Installation & Consultation

OPTVIO offers a complete end to end CCTV solutions. Including the installation and supply of variety of CCTV cameras and video display equipment with high definition video capabilities and recordings.

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