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Video Wall
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Video Wall Singapore

A video wall is a setup where multiple monitors are used in combination to display as a single display. Computer monitors, video projectors, or LED Panel television sets are tiled together contiguously to form one large screen. 

AV solutions such as Video Walls maximizes the visibility and impact for your Digital Content and helps to increase Customer Engagement through immersive experiences.

Having a Video Wall installation in your facility, be it a house of worship, exhibition hall or at the lobby of your building can help deliver highly engaging messages to your audience.

LED Walls

The difference between traditional Video Walls and LED walls are that LED tile panels are used instead of LCD / LED Monitor screens. 

LED walls allows for seamless display as there are no gaps or bezel between panels. LED walls can be installed indoors and outdoors. And can be configured large sizes. Perfect for commercial displays and large billboards.

With more than 10 years experience in installation and setup of Video Walls, Optvio has completed Video Wall projects of various sizes and with different technologies such as LCD panels, Direct View LED arrays and blended projection screens.