2.4G Bluetooth Wireless Microphone - OPT-P12

2.4G Bluetooth Wireless Microphone

  • Compatible with loudspeaker, stereo, phone, smart TV, outdoor stereo, family cinema, etc.
  • Long wireless transmission distance up to 30m
  • Plug and play
  • Automatically pair with the transmitter
  • Collar clip-on design, handsfree and convenient
  • High sensitivity. With capacitance pick-up head, restore the sound signal back to clear and loud voice
  • Widely used for teaching, tour guide, sales promotion, lectures, meetings, etc.


2.4G Bluetooth Wireless Microphone

  • Stable and clear sound
  • International 2.4Ghz Wireless transmission, continuous frequency matching
  • Work with smart phones, PCs, Laptops, voice amplifiers etc
  • Easy charging and portability
  • Low radiation and low interference
  • High signal stability, fast transmission and short audio delay (0.02 seconds)
  • Provides confidentiality, anti-interference ability
  • Loud, clear and high fidelity sound
  • Receiver design with a 3.5mm plug and can be used for the smart phone, PC & Tablet

*Comes with 12 months warranty


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