Audio Visual Checklist for AV projects

Audio Visual Checklist for AV projects
Audio Video Checklist

AV equipment and solutions are the technology enablers of impactful presentations, speeches and immersive events that leaves a lasting impression for your audiences. From lobbies, conference rooms, event stages to schools and house or worship, AV solutions are found everywhere. It aids and enhances experiences for audiences. Audio Visual solutions also aids immensely in collaborative and remote meetings and work. With today’s technology, we can conduct events, meetings, webinars despite being in different rooms and even countries.

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When planning for AV solutions for your corporate spaces or stage, there are many factors to consider. For Event, Space Planners, or facility managers, it is crucial to understand which the appropriate Audio-visual equipment to use and how the space can affect the transmission of video and audio. We have prepared a comprehensive Audio Visual checklist on AV equipment and considerations on how to choose the appropriate AV solution.

Digital Displays

Digital Displays such as LCD / LED panels are the most efficient way of communicating a message to your audience within a space. In a public space setting, airports use digital displays to communicate flight information and Malls use it to show advertising information. And in the corporate context, Digital Displays with Audio are used in Conference rooms and collaborative spaces. Interactive Whiteboards and displays are also extensively used in meeting rooms to facilitate discussion.

Consider the purpose of the display and field of vision of audiences to plan number and size of Display needed. For example, for maximum visibility, an airport usually mounts the Display on an elevated space and multiple panels are used to cover a vast departure / arrival hall. And in the case of a large conference room, a bigger Display is needed.

Video Walls

Video Walls are a combination of LED display screens into a single large screen and synchronised with specialised hardware and software. These screens are a crowd pleaser and are usually placed in Office lobbies, events, and exhibition halls. Video walls are also extensively used for security central command centers to monitor a network of CCTVs.

For a Video wall, a minimum of 4 Panels are necessary. Depending on the space, you may want to consider whether the Video wall should be mounted on wall, self-standing or in-built into wall partitions.

To reach hard to reach places or for huge display sizes billboards, Modular LED panels are used instead of screens. Besides being light weight and hi-resolution, these LED Walls can be mounted on flexible surfaces to achieve a curved or bended appearance. Allowing for maximum creativity!

PA Systems

PA Systems or Public Announcement Systems are Audio Systems comprising microphones, amplifiers and loudspeakers. They are usually installed in building facilities to allow the dissemination of information for people in the building. PA Systems are also essential for any building to convey urgent or emergency messages across the facility.

Complex formulas are used to calculate the appropriate loudness, wattage and equipment is needed to fill a space with sound. It’s best to consult an AV consultant to discuss your needs


Projector Systems can also be used as an alternative to LCD displays and with the help of HDMI and AV controllers, Sound systems can be integrated. To reach audiences in separate rooms, secondary displays such as screens such as LCD displays can be used. Perfect for Houses of worship, educational institutions and corporate events.


Cables are, of course, one of the most essential the components in delivering images, video and sound. Cabling is one of the most extensive work scopes in an AV project. Depending on the size of the facility, extenders such as HDMI extenders are used to extend and boost signal strength in a large facility. Allowing for minimal signal loss from input to output. It is also important to consider the specifications of the cable to ensure fast and lossless transmissions.

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